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Turkana Boy, Homo erectus
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Lakes and rivers have long filled many of the basins within the Rift, and the surrounding areas were once home to early hominids. Many important discovery sites are near Lake Turkana, which lies mainly in northwestern Kenya.

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A wide variety of hominids have been found there—including some early members of our own genus, Homo , from almost two million years ago. Some two million years ago, water levels were higher than they are today, and various hominid species flourished nearby. Follow AMNH. Any interactives on this page can only be played while you are visiting our website.

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In order to increase the energy efficiency of muscles involved in upright walking, ergaster developed a narrower pelvis. Sometimes they must be pieced together from dozens of fragments. Not in the Netherlands, because there were no apes here. In equatorial Africa, modern humans evolved this trait an estimated one million years ago. That does not mean H.

You cannot download interactives. Where did we come from? Humans continue to search for the answer to this fundamental question. Innovators of their time, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, used science to explain where humans came from, posing the theory of evolution.

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Evolutionary science and archaeology continue today. Use these materials in your classroom to teach your students about the origins of the homo sapien.

From the Field: Kevin Hatala, Nariokotome, Kenya

Turkana Boy, also called Nariokotome Boy, is the name given to fossil KNM-WT , a nearly complete skeleton of a Homo erectus (Homo ergaster) youth. The ‘Turkana Boy’ skeleton has allowed scientists to find out a lot of information about body size, body shape, and growth rates of Homo erectus. Turkana Boy’s cranial capacity at death was cubic centimeters, but scientists estimate it would have reached cubic.

Skip to content Donate Account. Photograph by Kenneth Garrett. It is kept under lock and key at the national museum since it is the most complete skeleton of a walking early man — dating between 1.

At the location it was found in Nariokotome, a stone pillar was erected a few years ago. KNM-WT is a significant find that helped the world understand the evolution of human beings.