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1 and 2 Timothy Titus
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Paul encourages Timothy to join him in suffering for the gospel 2 Tim because this suffering is tied to the suffering of Christ. In like manner, Anabaptists view the suffering church as tied to the suffering Christ. In a post-modern world the church and its leaders have been pushed out of the center to the margins of society. In addition to this social rejection, some church leaders experience martyrdom. Titus is an individual letter written to Titus, leader of the young church in Crete. Authorship and date for these letters is disputed.

No one knows for sure who wrote them. Other scholars say they were written pseudonymously in the early second century when the monarchial bishop began to arise in the church. A closer analysis suggests much of the content of these individual letters came from Paul with differences in vocabulary and syntax attributed to different secretaries.

Of the three letters 2 Timothy is more personal and Pauline in tone.

Introduction to the First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy

In tone Titus falls between the other two letters. Luke bridges the gap between the historical Paul and the Pauline legacy. Ephesus was the fourth largest city in the Roman empire. Paul established a church in this city and later sent Timothy to Ephesus to give leadership to the church. Paul needed someone who knew both Judaism and Greco-Roman religions to guide the church.

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The religious life of Ephesus comprised several traditions including the huge temple of Artemis. Throughout the city were shrines to Cybele, the Phrygian mother goddess and Zeus the male deity. Egyptian mystery rites were present in the temple of Serapis.

Most prominent was the imperial temple dedicated to Augustus Caesar and his successor Roman emperors. In 1 Timothy Paul instructs Timothy to set forth a divinely organized pattern of life as the household of God. In contrast to the Roman emperor who was called savior soter , Jesus is savior soter. All of life is to be subject to the will of God. The church as household of God is a microcosm or paradigm of a world obedient to God in contrast to the pagan Greco-Roman world.

Unhealthy living and teaching in Roman society is rejected. This letter calls for healthy teaching and healthy living according to Christian faith and ethics.

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Household behavior is emphasized and Timothy is told how to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God. Paul offers advice and encouragement to Timothy who is to follow the pattern of ministry set forth by Paul himself. Paul uses his own suffering to exhort Timothy to accept suffering as a servant of Christ. Timothy is not to be ashamed of the testimony of the Lord nor of Paul the prisoner, for in suffering Paul and Timothy identify themselves with the suffering of Christ.

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The grace of God in Christ Jesus is the foundation upon which Timothy can stand strong in Christian ministry and from which Timothy can entrust others with the message of the gospel. In this short letter Paul ties exhortations to theological claims. They are not written to churches, as are the other Pauline epistles. The genre of 1 Timothy is much like Hellenistic mandate letters mandata principis in which a higher official sent commands to subordinates. As a mandate letter 1 Timothy gives instructions on how to guide the church at Ephesus.

It is both an instructional and apologetic letter. Both inductive and deductive forms of argument through the use of paradigms are found in this letter.

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Ethical exhortations permeate the letter. A close literary analysis shows Lukan traits seen in the Gospel of Luke and in the book of Acts including economic justice, salvation, care of widows, slaves, deacons and elders.

maisonducalvet.com/la-alberca-conocer-a-gente.php More than twenty people are named in this short letter. This letter urges Timothy to not be ashamed of the gospel of Christ nor to shy away from suffering for the sake of Christ. In an opening salutation the writer speaks of God Our Savior thereby making an immediate contrast to the Roman Emperor as savior soter. Thus, the church at Ephesus has a different Lord and, as household of God, is an alternative community.

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Five major themes are set forth in this letter. Timothy is to teach true doctrine that conforms to the gospel A second major theme, prayer and behavior in the household of God, appears in chapter The chapter begins with a call to prayer so that all people may be saved. Paul talks about the behavior of men and of women. This section, especially on women, is controversial. Women are to be quiet not silent in the church. This instruction is contextual and does not apply today.

There is no common consensus on what Paul means by the phrase she will be saved through childbearing in A third theme is found in chapter 3, namely, character traits for leaders in the household of God Here Paul lays out the moral qualifications of bishops and deacons This is followed by stating the purpose for writing this letter , that Timothy may know how to behave and work in the church as the household of God. The chapter ends with a confessional statement in v. The leader is to condemn sinful teaching.

This sinful teaching includes some who have renounced the faith by turning to demonic spirits. It also includes sinful sexual practices and food restrictions promoted by deviant teachers. In vv. Brand New!. Published by Independently Published, United States KJV Scripture Journals contain the entire text of individual books of the King James Bible in a reader-friendly, single-column, paragraph format.

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First Epistle to Timothy

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