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I remain acutely aware to this day that my ability to believe in my invulnerability has been irrevocably ruined. I've decided, however, that this is a good thing: I've been given the opportunity to challenge my fear of death without actually having to be actively dying. Many others aren't so lucky.

I began practicing Nichiren Buddhism 20 years ago because I was intrigued by the notion that enlightenment might actually be a real thing, attainable if only the correct path was followed. I've continued because I've had experiences with the practice that have convinced me it has real power to shatter delusions about life. But now more than an intellectual curiosity, my desire for enlightenment has become synonymous with my desire to relieve myself of delusions about death.


For me, three things are certain: First, my experiences with Buddhism so far have inclined me to think that enlightenment is a real thing, and that it might be the solution to my problem with fear of death. But, second, for me to become convinced that life is eternal "there is no beginning called birth or ending called death" , I must have an experience that proves it to me beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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I need to know it the way I know gravity is real. I must confess I can't today even conceive of what that experience could be. Yet, I must remember that every time I've gained real wisdom from my Buddhist practice and become genuinely happier, it's always come as a result of having an experience I could never have predicted.

And lastly, because I hope the establishment of indestructible happiness based on a belief in the eternity of life is possible, I must remain on guard against the seductive tendency to convince myself of it. Belief that arises from a desire to believe is usually, in my experience, too flimsy to withstand a genuine challenge. And I can think of no more genuine a challenge to a belief in life after death whether through reincarnation or an ascension to Heaven or anything else than the actual imminent approach of death itself.

I fully recognize that my current belief about death—that it is truly the final end of the self—is likely to be correct. Which makes me wonder if I wouldn't be better off throwing my energies into re-embracing denial and simply accepting that when it comes my time to die, if I'm given the chance to see it coming, I'll suffer however many moments, hours, days, or weeks of fear there are to suffer and then be granted a final release. If only I could.

Once a delusion has been shattered, I've found there's no going back. And even if there were, at some point I'm certain to be re-confronted with a denial-eradicating sickness or injury. Everyone will. Depending on your current life stage this might not seem like a pressing issue.

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But shouldn't it be? An experience like mine could become yours at any moment. And even more desirable than being able to die peacefully is being able to live fearlessly. I've tried to resolve my fear of death intellectually and come to the conclusion that it can't be done, at least not by me. Some kind of practice that actually has the power to awaken me to a truth that frees my from my fear seems to be required.

I wonder why we are a fearful of a future existence that doesn't contain us, but b have no regrets about a past existence that didn't include us. From a purely phenomological point of view, the two states should feel the same. But they don't. Our fear isn't of 'a future that doesn't contain us'. It is of being dead and not participating. Do I really need to point out that the future and the past are different? The future is possibility and promise. The past is unchangeable.

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I found this article interesting, as I have had a similar experience,.. I wonder why I never thought of dying so much in the past.. But before any of use worry about dying.. You would feel different, but you would be alive and you would be 'you', this is theoretically possible. Now, imagine, if I was to wait until you were asleep once more, but this time I make an 'exact' replica of your brain as it is at one moment. This is also theoretically possible. I then put the brain in another body, and you wake up. Surely you would feel like 'you' also However you are now in two places at once.

The new body, and the original one. Before I can solve your problem with fear of death, I really need to know who you are, or more precisely; where you are.

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If you can sleep and re-awake. Then surely you can sleep, be frozen, dissected, recorded, replicated and then re-awoken. Should we fear complete memory loss, as much as death.. Therefore, are we the sum total of our memory?. Surely memory can be preserved. Note I mentioned sleep But I notice all sentient beings do it. Perhaps this is a key component of self-awareness also.

I look forward to your replies, I'm sure your mortality isn't such a difficult problem to solve.. We will all be subject to judgement. Repent and believe in Jesus Christ the only son of God. He wants you in his kingdom; do not be a wicked servant. Jesus Christ Is the truth the way and the life and no one will see the father except thru him. I wish everyone realised this and it breaks my heart to know many chose to spend forever away from the Lord.

As a Christian My heart so desires everyone to go to heaven and the Lord wants the same for all of us. Its a free gift and precious sacrifice that my savior made for me when I am so unworthy of it. All I have to do is follow him and love him with faith and all my heart! If any one reading this hasn't accept Jesus Christ as your Savior please do so today so you can see paradise. Love you all. Millions of people have accepted Jesus as their savior and still feel no comfort about death.

It's not just Godless heathens who are terrified of death. A lot of Christians are too because no matter how much we pray, read, and beg for peace and comfort, it simply never comes for some of us. It came for you and I'm happy for you but it doesn't for everyone. You're not correct. What you claim is theoretically possible is actually absolutely impossible due to some mathematically proven no-go theorems in quantum physics. Not only that, observation without alteration of state is also impossible. I currently have had a similar experience where not only have I been confronted with fear of death through medical episodes but I have even had my imagination run amok.

I have been in and out of the hospital for 2 years now and been in pain for about 5 years. Recently the doctor trying to help my pain gave me a medicine to help with nerve pain that used to be used for people with mental issues.

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To begin, I found your article to be well written and informative. PTSD is often diagnosed in men and now women who return from the battlefield. Why did you go? The exciting news is that you can overcome your fear of public speaking … forever! You can start this journey for yourself by learning more about the fear of intimacy and how to identify and overcome your critical inner voice.

Given in smaller doses it has been proven to help with nerve pain. However it was upon taking this medication that I started to visualize my own death and sinking into nothingness while everything around me faded and I was left alone in the dark and even my thoughts were eroding away. It kept going until I was nothing and had no thoughts and yet somehow I was aware of it and yet not. It was more feeling at that point than visual as there was nothing to see. I stopped taking it and never got a call back from my doctor and ended up in the ER because I was also on pain medication at the time and forgot that I already took it.

I barely managed to drive myself to the ER as I was losing consciousness at every red light and mustered my mind power to keep me awake. Ever since then, I occasionally still get the idea and visual image of my death but not as bad. I have been able to push it aside and live life but it also has made me fearful as I now know that I can die at any moment.

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I am christian and yet I still fear death, most likely because my faith most likely isn't strong. The reason I am replying to your message is that I have regrets of a past that doesn't include me. Part of me has always felt as though I was born after my time and part of me has always felt as though I was born before my time. Life was simple and people had more knowledge on how to survive whereas today people lack that skill at least in the wild.

I have also thought about how it would be cool to live forever, not because of the future or past not containing me but because I would like to see man from the beginning to the end. I am not sure if my thinking is similar or common. But I have been trying to come to terms with my life and eventual death. There is nothing I can do about it now, we all die and it is a process, regardless of religious beliefs. I can only try to enjoy life, good, bad and all and I hope this way of thinking helps me as well as my new found concern about eating healthy and while I have never been fat or chubby, I am going to exercise despite still having knee pain.

Just hoping I can make it work and won't know until I keep moving forward. My belief in the matter is that it revolves around consciousness. As Dr Lickerman similarly shares, I enjoy being here, I enjoy being alive, and I do not want it to end. I do not want to imagine losing consciousness permanently.

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So I don't believe it's so much a fear of an existence that doesn't contain us, but more of our internal existence ceasing. I think that if we were afraid of existence without us, we would not have to look far in our current world to see it. For example, there are billions of lives living around the world blissfully unaware of my very existence and not affected by it in any way.