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Rahim got up—nobody asked if he was okay—and, picking up the dishes, went to get the mop and bucket.

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Feeling tense, I left without placing an order. They were busy, anyway, and the thought of reading my book while I waited was no longer appealing. Opening the car door, I looked up when a squawking sound caught my attention.


Large birds, with long black necks and brownish bodies, were making their way across the evening sky, which was a bold mix of gold and grey, while the sun—now a fiery red ball—began to sink rapidly in the distance. Were they Canadian geese? The article also said that changes in temperature and light triggered migrations, as did the need for sustenance.

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Did birds also migrate when the ecosystem changed? In the case of humans, major upheavals—caused by civil war, for instance—did trigger large-scale migrations. Oddly enough, the next time I saw Rahim at the restaurant when I dropped in for a meal, he seemed more eager to talk to me. I bring now. Can I ask something if you have time? He asked if I could help with a letter.

I was puzzled—until he explained that he wanted to put his work experience down on paper and draft a letter. I assumed that he wanted to apply for other jobs. Would Sam approve? Most likely not, but I had no qualms about helping Rahim. Scribbling my address on a napkin, I told him he could come to my apartment any evening. Rahim did show up—although the hour was so late that it was the middle of the night when the doorbell rang, arousing me and filling me with dread.

Foolish as it may seem, once I got over the initial jitters, I went to the living room to investigate. But then I stopped—for I heard a familiar voice.

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So sorry for disturbing. And I believed him. Maybe I had an inkling all along that it was him, making it easier for me to overcome any hesitation about opening the door. From where, from whom? He looked past me, anxiously, perhaps wondering if anybody else was in the apartment. Need help. Come in and tell me what happened. Asking him to sit, I went to the kitchen and got some water. He took a long gulp, draining the glass, and put it down with a sigh. Can we go? I tell as we go. The scheme was simple—Rahim had managed to make a copy of the key, and he knew the security code.

He left once his shift ended, only to return after the restaurant was closed. That night, Rahim had just fallen asleep in the restaurant, when he suddenly heard the door open. He opened his eyes, startled, just as the lights came on. He also seemed drunk—his eyes were bloodshot. Rahim was frightened. Things got out of control quickly. Trying to fend him off, Rahim held his shoulder and pushed him. That only enraged Sam, who swung his fist. Struck in the face, Rahim staggered backwards—and, as his body touched the table behind him, he unintentionally reached for the knife lying there.

Robberies were uncommon in that area. But it was too late.

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As Sam flung himself on him, it devolved into a full-fledged fight—although without the knife, thankfully. From what I could gather, Sam passed out after he struck his head on the floor. Rahim panicked. Did not know what to say. Rahim moaned and lowered his head, as if he was trying to hide. He seemed scared.

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How we took things for granted. So much had to work smoothly, even at this ghostly hour, so that we could lead comfortable lives. Did Sam regain consciousness and call the cops? Hope he was okay. Instinctively, without making a left towards the restaurant, I kept driving until we reached the next intersection. No major problem. Knife not used. No, there was no blood anywhere. Well, who knew what really happened? Pulling into the deserted parking lot, I stopped the car and, without turning off the ignition, took out my wallet to give him some money. Tony frowned, or so it seemed as he puckered his lips to sip his hot tea, the act making his bushy eyebrows curve inwards.

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Search inside document. The Climate. It is with great pleasure that we now present to you, our Alumnus of the Year………… ……. Helping Hands Cut out the cards. Indeed, we have miles to go before we sleep, I said, drawing a smile from Tony. Bloodlines was an episode in season nine that introduced groups of hunters and monsters in Chicago. Purchase from Smashwords.

His first name was longer, not to mention unusual— but just as I preferred using my initials, CK, he liked to be called Tony, no doubt seeing it as an easy-to-pronounce alias that would smooth the passage of a new immigrant. It created a bond between us. Standing next to his car, he was untying the mattress and box spring from the roof when he saw me pull into the parking lot. Stepping out of my car, I greeted him. He turned towards me, smiling, and the rope dangling beside him coiled like a wary snake.

His apartment was on the same floor, directly across from mine. Bobby tells the boys Death sent Karen back with a message for him.

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There was something about being there It felt pure. This episode summary is an official CW press release. It may contain errors. And through the fire stood before me a pale horse. And he that sat atop him carried a scythe, and I saw since he had risen, they, too, shall rise, and from him and through him. Season 1. Season 2.

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