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Even though Dean should be turning CT-L over to the proper authorities, he just can't seem to go through with it. Cas is different than his robot brethren, and it's not just because he can talk, has horrible posture, and a strange obsession with origami. It's because when Dean looks into his eyes he doesn't see a cold machine looking back, but instead he sees something familiar in those eyes; curiosity, excitement and loneliness. He sees Well something human. And to him that's worth protecting. Dean smells the most delicious scent when dropping of Sammy for his first day of school.

He knows that it is going to be a hard-fought battle for omega's heart. His prime suspect, arrested in the bathroom of the victim's Knightsbridge apartment is a strange, but charismatic man, who claims to be a psychic. Written for the Smut prompt list on Tumblr.

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Anna gets home to find Sam there before her, which is highly unusual. Sam's been kicked off the case he was working, which is even worse. Dean shows up with the explanation. The Novak family winery, the Grapes of Wrath, has filed for bankruptcy. Chuck Novak has left town, leaving his four sons to clean up his mess, and Gabriel with nowhere else to go except his old friend Sam's apartment. While Sam is at work Gabriel attempts to figure out life as a normal man, in stark contrast to his previous life in the lap of luxury. Please be patient this is m first ever full length fanfic. When Dean is shot in the line of duty, their Captain, Cas, orders Dean to come home with him so he can keep a better eye on him.

All the while Cas receives threats against his team from a notorious gang. Castiel's past surfaces and he struggles to keep everything together. Dean lets his anger sabotage his relationships, particularly with the love of his life, who remains his partner at the police department. Sam is a dedicated son now, harboring guilt about his last fight with his father. His lover is an intensely passionate young nurse called Ephraim, who hopes Sam will one day be able to commit. Against this backdrop, at the facility where John lies silent, patients seem to be dying under mysterious circumstances.


Welcome to Mercy Hospital. Castiel and Jimmy love to prank their family and dress and act alike for the holidays and large gatherings. Dean is determined to figure out which is which. In , soiled doves are dropping like flies in the Whitechapel district of London at the hands of a killer no one can identify. Castiel, Earl of Rothes, funds the investigation by two men from New York City - Sam and Dean Winchester - who have reputations for tracking down the most violent and difficult murderers.

It looks like a normal murder investigation until Dean and Sam begin to realize something isn't right. Soon Dean and Castiel tumble into an affair of the utmost secrecy right under the Countess' nose, though it appears she has an affair of her own.

Can Sam and Dean hunt down the demon while keeping Castiel, Jessie, Jo, and their other London friends safe from harm? A bit of a "deleted scenes" from A Holly Jolly Christmas from Dean's perspective as he meets Cas and promptly falls head over heels for him and sweeps him off his feet. Sam and Dean catch a deviant. It might have answers to some of their questions. The tricky part is getting it to talk. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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