The Limits of Altruism in Democratic Athens

Democracy’s Invisible Line
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The Argument for Athens’ Democracy

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What Makes Democracy Intrinsically Valuable: Talking to Josiah Ober – BLARB

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Isocrates What is even more curious is that Athenian speakers in the fourth century BCE were also aware of the use of metaphorical framing and could make their audiences aware of it too in order to question it. Hereupon, instead of the four tribes among which the Athenian had been divided hitherto, Clisthenes made ten tribes and 10 parceled out the Athenians among them Herodotus, In some cases, the causal logic of the explanation of death is very clear. In other words freedom is a fickle friend.

Greek Tragedy and Ancient Greek Religion. Review of B.

Review of M. Hyperejdes, Mowy. Remember me on this computer. Finally, Part III presents findings of empirical research on the issue of political participation.

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Athenians in the classical period ( BC) were drawn to an image of themselves as a compassionate and generous people who rushed to the aid of others. Editorial Reviews. Review. "A fine bibliography and excellent indexes augment this The Limits of Altruism in Democratic Athens - Kindle edition by Matthew.

Combining theoretical and empirical perspectives, the book contributes towards a better understanding of the disquieting trend of voter apathy and disenchantment with politics in the context of the ongoing process of European integration, and offers a variety of analytical tools for decoding both the emergence of alternative conceptualizations of citizenship and other forms of meaningful civic and political engagement.

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Front Matter Pages i-xii. Pages Front Matter Pages Trust and Openness: Prerequisites for Democratic Engagement?