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The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (dual language Russian and English) - Kindle edition by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Nadezhda Voytinskaya. Download it once. [PDF] The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (dual language Russian and English) by Sir Arthur Conan. Doyle, Nadezhda Voytinskaya. Book file PDF easily for.

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Suddenly, a female scream is heard, Holmes arrives to kick down the door. Inside, old Grimesby Roylott appears to be Russian but there's no one in the room but him. Holmes introduces himself to him and notices the empty closet and small trunk which rumbled. It's obvious Roylott is hiding something, Holmes decides to do his famous Great Deduction , much to Susato's glee. Roylott is definitely suspicious with the beard and sunglasses, Holmes has come up with two conclusions: Roylott is a scissoring scoundrel and he is about to do a crime.

Susato explains the novels say that Holmes can see through everything in a single glance, Holmes will now explain how he came up with those two conclusions. The detective starts with Grimesby Roylott's identity. He is always carrying large scissors around. Just by looking at him, Holmes deduces that Roylott intended to cut off his large beard.

For a reason why, Holmes notes that Roylott has copy of the same newspaper he has from earlier.

40 Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes s07e05 Mazarin Stone + Subtitles

Dmitri Demiglaski also has a beard, so Holmes concludes that Roylott is Demiglaski and he was going to cut off his beard to avoid detection. Now regarding Roylott's crime, Holmes notes him looking at the trunk nearby which he refuses to open. Holmes deduces that a girl is in the trunk which makes Roylott look at the newspaper. The other side shows an article about a ballet dancer named Nikomina Borschevic who disappeared last night during a performance in Shanghai. Holmes concludes his deduction saying the old man kidnapped her. Grimesby Roylott doesn't look like Dmitri Demiglaski either, and the trunk looks way to small for a young girl to fit without at least bulging!

They decide to examine his keywords and replace them to make the deduction perfect. Grimesby Roylott was intending to cut off something with those scissors. Roylott is actually a girl, they remember the article on the ballerina and realize that the old man is actually Nikomina Borschevic who is also seeking asylum.

Moving onto to the crime deduction, Borschevic was actually looking at a tiara on the desk. That tiara was used on stage by the ballet company she was in, it's worth twenty-thousand ruble making this a robbery. Borschevic says she is all alone with no money and that a Prussian earl gave her the tiara.

However, there is a still a matter of what's in the trunk, Borschevic appears to be looking at the bookshelf but she was actually looking at the disembarking regulation next to it.